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WILLOW (ravi) schwartz


Willow Schwartz is an NYC based producer, director, and actress. In May 2020, alongside Nora Lullo and Kira Lukasik, she founded West 14th Theater Company. Since then she has produced, directed, and performed in various West 14th productions. In 2018, she produced and starred in a production of Stephan Karam’s Speech and Debate. Willow grew up performing at the Riverdale Children’s Theater and has studied acting at Atlantic Acting School.  Willow currently serves as the Theater Development Intern at Annapurna Theatre and is a Junior at NYU Tisch, pursuing a BFA in Drama with minors in BEMT and producing. ​

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artistic director/producing director/FOUNDER

Kira Lukasik is an NYC based actor, writer, director, and producer. Born and raised in San Diego, Kira was exposed to the world of storytelling at an early age through musicals (her first love). She received a nomination for Best Actress at the 2018 Broadway San Diego Awards for her portrayal of the titular character in Mary Poppins. In May 2020, alongside Willow Schwartz and Nora Lullo she co-founded West 14th Theater Company. Since then, she has found immense joy in producing, directing, and performing in various West 14th productions. Kira is currently a student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts pursuing a BFA in Drama through the Atlantic Acting School. 

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nora lullo

artistic director/Props coordinator/founder

Nora Lullo is an actress and director originating from Naperville, Illinois. In May 2020, alongside Kira Lukasik and Willow Schwartz, she co-founded West 14th Theater Company. Nora made her directorial debut in the summer of 2020, co-directing West 14th’s production of Almost, Maine, and has since directed, co-produced, and performed in various West 14th productions. Nora is currently taking a gap year to focus on her art, nanny two very sweet girls, and spend time with her family during these unexpected times. She looks forward to returning to New York University in the Fall of 2021, where she will continue training at the Atlantic Acting School and pursuing her BFA in Drama

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ben banks

Associate producer

Ben Banks is an NYC based actor, producer and editor from Portland, Oregon. Hoping to help take West 14th Theater to exciting new heights, he is ecstatic to have been brought on as an Associate Producer for the company. As an avid fan of film and television, he is always down to spend hours discussing anything and everything in the entertainment industry. He is currently attending NYU, obtaining a BFA in Drama, along with a minor in Producing.

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MADELINE Rostmeyer


Madeline Rostmeyer is an actress and designer based out of NYC. She joined the West 14th Theater Company as an actress in their debut show Almost, Maine, and has since been a part of several West 14th productions as both a performer and a designer. Originally from North Carolina, Madeline spent her middle and high school years performing and working for various community theaters in the area. She is currently studying acting at the Atlantic Acting School as a part of her BFA in Drama at NYU, where she is also pursuing a minor in Business, Entertainment, Media, and Technology.

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company manager/executive assistant

Sanchez esta emocionada de ser parte del grupo de producción en West 14th Theater. Ha tenido papeles en el espectáculo inaugural Almost, Maine y en la obra de Sense and Sensibility. Ella es una estudiante atendiendo NYU; está persiguiendo un BFA en Drama con un especialización académica secundaria en Estudios Latinos; espera unir el mundo del teatro con el público Latino. Le gustaría agradecer a Nora, Ravi, y Kira por formar este grupo y fomentar la creación de arte en estos momentos difíciles.

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NICOLE Riberio

associate director of marketing

Nicole is a sophomore at NYU studying Drama and double minoring in BEMT and Film. During the beginning of the pandemic she acted in West 14th’s production of Sense and Sensibility and wanted to get more involved! She is so excited to be working with everyone at west 14th and is so passionate about the arts. She also recently co-founded Empower Youth Arts! An arts education company that strives to give affordable training to aspiring and current actors.

Kealani petito

head of public relations 

Kealani Petito in an actress and multi-hyphenate creative based in NYC. Having grown up in many different places, she is well versed in the world of creating and finding community wherever you happen to be. The creative arts have always been an integral part of her life and she has used that foundation as means to inspire her public relations, producing, and entrepreneurial endeavors. She is so thrilled to be working with the West 14th Theater family as their Head of PR, and is honored to contribute to the blossoming of the company. She is an NYU student pursuing a BFA in Drama, and a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. 

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